What is Recovery Coaching?

What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is at the very heart of what we do at Reframe Coaching.

Recovery Coaching is based on supporting individuals to explore the present, find answers and solutions that help break down any barriers to move forwards.

This is done by creating an environment that promotes active listening and asking open questions. However, Recovery Coaches do not make decisions on behalf of the individual they are working with.

When we have used Recovery Coaching alongside Lived Experience, we have also found the added benefit of building rapport and connection with individuals.

“A recovery coach is someone who is trained and interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery by serving as a personal guide for people who are recovering or looking for recovery” CCAR

Recovery Coaching is very different from Counselling, Treatment, Mentoring etc. 

Although, Recovery Coaches may work alongside different treatment providers they are not aligned to promoting just one path of recovery. They believe that there are many pathways to recovery and actively support individuals to find their most suitable path based on their individual needs.

You can expect a Recovery Coach to help to guide and support you in some of the following areas:

 Raising greater awareness
 Identifying triggers or barriers to long-term recovery
 Making healthier life changes
 Exploring core beliefs
 Setting achievable goals
 Identifying personal values and passions
 Implementing a process of accountability to keep you on track while you move forward in accomplishing short- and long-term goals
 Working through blocks and fears
 Fulfilling and regulating emotional needs
 Creating more time to enjoy life

We are currently on the lookout for like-minded Recovery Coaches, to work with individuals across a range of scenarios, remotely or in person.

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