Statistically Significant

We are delighted to announce that data from our Life After Gambling programme has just been verified externally.

The pre and post wellbeing data was analysed using the IBM Statistics Package for Social Sciences (Version 23.0). The mean wellbeing score pre-intervention was 42.93 (standard deviation =1.39) and the mean wellbeing score post-intervention was 53.73 (standard deviation = 1.75). A repeated measures t-test showed that the pre and post intervention difference was statistically significant.    

Essentially, the stats show that our programme can improve your wellbeing!

Steve Girling said ‘The evaluation really does back up some of the work we have been doing over recent months. Some qualitative impact has been witnessed first hand but to now have the quantitative data to support that, is just fantastic’

In the coming months we will also be reviewing any improvements that have been suggested from the individuals who have completed the programme.

Our Life After Gambling programme is still available for individuals in recovery from a Gambling Disorder and those who have been affected by their loves ones Gambling.

Individuals can book a clarity call to discuss the programme and its contents in greater detail

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