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Our Services

The Past Does Not Equal Your Future

After Care

Providing support to individuals after their treatment.

Pre Support

Providing support to individuals prior to any potential treatment.


Providing support to workplaces to help safeguard their employees.

Why After Care?

In May 2020, Treatment Needs and Gap Analysis was undertaken by NatCen Social Research. The studies found:

‘there was a perception that the aftercare currently available following engagement with treatment services does not provide sufficient support. Whilst Aftercare was highlighted by a number of participants, the discussion was around the need for such provision’

We understand that for many, Gambling will leave a long-lasting effect in a number of key areas. For some, that could be overwhelming and challenging to deal with on their own.

Whilst there is no magic wand, a holistic Aftercare offering could provide that necessary and much-needed support to deal with the ‘here and now’ whilst continuing to learn about one’s self.

Why Pre Support?

Collectively, there are lots of activities and programmes already in place that have been designed to prevent Gambling harm.

Our vision at Reframe Coaching is for everyone to Be Present in their lives.

Being in the ‘here and now’ means being aware and mindful of what is happening at this very moment.

We aim to provide individuals with the tools and support to help them Be Present then in-turn we hope to minimise any potential harm.

Why Workplaces?

£24m of fraud in the UK is linked back to Gambling.

‘We don’t have an issue with gambling in our company’ and yet:

– 47% of the population has gambled in the last 4 weeks

– 4 in 5 adults believe that Gambling and Debt is a distraction for people at work.

– Only 5% of employers have a Gambling in the workplace policy.

We can support you in safeguarding your business and employees from Gambling Related Harm.