Life After Gambling Programme

Step 1 - Analysing for Awareness

Welcome! You should already be proud of yourself for taking this opportunity to invest in yourself and be the best version of yourself possible.


With the information our programme will provide you will be able to start changing, making and achieving your goals in a positive and fulfilling way.

There will be several tasks in this programme that are designed to help you experience and understand things that you are learning. To get the best results we suggest you are honest and open minded however difficult things may seem.


It’s from these learnings and the information provided that you can turn it into knowledge. Try living what you are learning and not just browse, to create a much deeper understanding, knowledge and awareness. This will give you the best return on your investment of time!


Thank you for watching our short video. Both of the awareness tools are detailed below, please take the time to complete them both. We will go through them on the next step of the programme but feel free to take a copy.