Introduction into Breathwork

We are delighted to have teamed up with the amazing, Jamie Clements to bring you five fantastic sessions in Breathwork! These sessions can really support you in your every day life and aid your recovery.

Jamie is a breathwork coach, who operates his very own practise in London. Jamie’s goal is to provide individuals with the tools to bring Breathwork into your daily life, as well as creating an environment to go deeper and understand new elements of yourself.

The sessions include:

  • An Introduction into Breathwork
  • Breathwork for Energy and Focus
  • Breathwork for Sleep
  • Breathwork for Clarity
  • Breathwork to Reset

Why do we need Breathwork?

Jamie states ‘Firstly, for our health. Many of us do not breathe optimally for our physical and mental health, and step one with breathwork is to address this. Beyond that, breathwork can be an incredibly powerful practice to achieve a variety of different outcomes.’

These sessions will be completely FREE of charge to those in recovery from a Gambling Disorder or have been affected by their loved ones Gambling.

Please click here, fill in our contact form stating BREATHWORK and we will send you the first session – Introduction into Breathwork.