About You.


We aim to support individuals once after they have completed treatment for their or their loved one’s Gambling Addiction. We understand from our own lived experience that treatment is no ‘silver bullet’ and you are often left to face the reality of the consequences of Gambling long after you have stopped.

If you can answer YES to any of the below then our After Care services may be for you:

– Attended treatment

– Lacking clarity 

– Feeling lost

– Would like additional support

– Want to learn more about yourself

– Learn to become more present


We understand how difficult it can be to approach the topic of gambling, addiction or even mental wellbeing in the workplace. Our workplace support has been designed to raise awareness and open up those difficult subjects.

If you can answer YES to any of the below then our services may be for you:

– Safeguard the employees from potential Gambling harm.

– Safeguard the business from potential Gambling harm.

– Improve understanding and awareness.

– Create appropriate signposting. 

– Want to create an environment where your employees feel safe.

– Learn to become more present.