Meet the CIC wanting to support others.

How it all began.
Reframe Coaching CIC was founded in 2020 by Steve and Rashael Girling. Their own lived experiences of Gambling harm, told them that whilst treatment was important, individuals were often left with a vast array of areas still to tackle. 

Area’s such as Mental Health, Physical Health, Emotions, Career, Finances, Relationships and further Self Awareness.

Together they set about putting a programme together to support Life After Gambling.

Our Community Interest Statement.

The company’s activities will provide benefit to individuals in recovery from a Gambling Addiction and individuals who have been affected by their partners, friends, or family members Gambling Addiction.

Our Vision.

For everyone to BE PRESENT in their everyday lives.

Being present in the ‘here and now’ means to be aware and mindful of what is happening at this very moment.

Our Values.




Growth Mindset



Being Present