Welcome to Reframe Coaching

Our Misson

Supporting individuals who have suffered either directly or indirectly from Gambling Related Harm.

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After Care

Providing support to individuals after their treatment.

Pre Support

Providing support to individuals prior to any potential treatment.


Providing support to workplaces to help safeguard their employees.


About us

Meet the Charity wanting to support others

How it all began

Reframe Coaching was founded by Rashael and Steve Girling. Their own lived experiences of Gambling Harm told them that whilst the treatment was important, individuals were often left with a vast array of areas still to tackle.

Areas such as: Physical Health, Mental Health, Career, Finances, Social, Friends & Family, Relationships, and Personal Growth.

Our Values

Finding Peace Through Our Services


Be curious and create a desire for active listening.

Growth Mindset

Value efficiency, innovation and a commitment to learning.


Work with partners to achieve the best results for those we support.

Being Present

Being aware and mindful of what is happening in the moment

our vision

For everyone to Be Present in their lives

Being in the ‘here and now’ means being aware and mindful of what is happening in the very moment.

Being able to live a fulfilling life without the reliance on Gambling or other harmful behaviour’s.


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Our Online Community
Portal is available to you!

Phase one of our Online Community Portal is coming soon!

Our aim has been to provide a range of holistic tools to help support you in your recovery.

We also plan a Phase two development of the portal which will focus on enhancing our recovery community. 


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    Life after gambling programme

    Helping You Find Your Clarity and Values

    Our Life After Gambling (LAG) Programme has been designed to support individuals after treatment.

    Bringing awareness to different areas of your life whilst gaining a greater understanding of ones self.

    In 2021, stats from a pilot of our LAG programme were externally verified and based on those findings it was shown to be statistically significant to improve participants wellbeing.


    ''It was like relearning all about myself. I've never done anything like this''

    Reece – LAG participant